The Many Adventures of Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye is abound with excitement, danger, and adventure. From the very moment you look into the Eyes of Mara, your destination hurtles toward a dastardly date with doom!  All along, there are traps and treachery, and plenty of near misses.  It's no wonder that Disneyland's most recent e-ticket, despite being nearly twenty years old, continues to entertain long crowds with thrills and chills. Take a look at some shots I was able to capture on the ride--a testament to the low light capabilities of my new Nikon D600!

You seek the treasure of Mara! Glittering gold! It is yours!
Oops, you looked into the eyes of Mara. Welcome to doom!
The fiery skull of Mara attempts to disintegrate riders with beams of energy.
And Mara's loyal giant serpent, affectionately called "Fluffy," strikes upon those who venture near.
If that's not enough, booby traps and poison darts abound!


  1. I was so excited when my kid finally was tall enough to ride this, liked it and insists we ride it each visit. It was a touching moment.

    Great photos!

  2. Thanks for the support, Matt!
    Amorainbette, so cool that your son loves this ride. It's a pretty rad on!


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