The Trophy Room

Just about anyone who enjoys going to Disneyland has heard about Club 33, the exclusive restaurant in New Orleans Square available only to members and their guests.  When Walt Disney was still alive, he desired an upscale space where he could entertain dignitaries and special guests within a setting of opulence and grandeur.  Club 33 became the product of this idea as part of the New Orleans Square expansion.  Today, this "Disneyland secret" remains a tough ticket to get into, with a waiting list of over a decade, despite the high dues required.

Still, as access is granted not only to members but also their guests, I've been fortunate enough to dine there on a few occasions, and it is truly a grand experience.  For more thorough history and information, "Disneyland Club 33" offers a great unofficial resource.  But today, the focus is the Trophy Room dining hall--one of two dining wings of the club.

The Trophy Room is themed with rich prizes of great hunters and lined with warm, ornate furnishings.
Thought it has changed over the years, the motif of displaying artifacts of the wilderness and adventure remains.
This is the smaller of the two dining rooms, but still quite luxurious and elegant!
These birds are more than artifacts of taxidermy.  They were also originally meant to be animatronics.
Walt thought it would be a great idea to have the birds listen to what diners wanted and provide them with the food before they even realized they had ordered it.  Talk about magical service!
Unfortunately, fears from foreign dignitaries about potential espionage led to this idea being cancelled.
But the Trophy Room is still a fantastic place to enjoy a meal, above New Orleans Square!


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