The Animation Courtyard

In addition to being a wonderfully air conditioned space optimized to escape warm days, the Animation Courtyard is a splendid locale to relax and take in some breathtaking scenes and artwork from some of Disney's most well known classics.  Be it animation cels, conceptual art, rough sketches, or majestic canvases, there is plenty of eye candy to behold for those who enjoy the artistic creativity behind Disney and Pixar animated features.

Scenes from Fantasia, from the sprite that beckons spring to the infamous Chernabog.

Paintings from Finding Nemo.

Fantasia 2000 is also featured.

The Bear Necessities accompany scenes from The Jungle Book.

The Toy Story series gets its own treatment.

Most of it focuses on the third installment.

A "Character Close-Up"... of Mulan!
The wonderful scenes of Paris from Ratatouille.

Snapshots from the kitchen.

The eerie grandeur of The Lion King reminds everyone just how incredible this film was.

It's fantasic to see these scenes from Cars and then step into Cars Land a few minutes away!

The vibrant colors and enchanting ambiance of Tangled.

The Colors of the Wind are on full display with Pocahontas.

The Little Mermaid brings into part of her world.


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