Pooh's Falls

Sometimes, it's fun to play a guessing game of "where is this located?"  Judging by the photo, Disneyland wouldn't be the obvious answer.  But there it is, at the end of Critter Country, right next to the exit of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, a nice set of cascades set amidst verdant shrubbery and nice little rocks.  And believe me, these falls are much smaller than what the photo implies. But that's the nifty thing about scale... without it, one's perspective can shift its perception of reality.  Where am I going with all of this? I'm not sure. I just needed something to say about this photo and figured a blurb about framing things in misdirecting ways might be fun.

A not-so-easy to spot waterfall located almost literally at the back of Critter Country.


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