A Mermaid's Adventures

I find The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure a fun attraction to photograph.  The lower lighting conditions make it a bit of a challenge to get clear photos, but it's not so dim that obtaining a good shot requires luck or just fortunate timing.  So enjoy some views from the ride, reflecting some of the most famous musical moments from the movie!

It's a party Sebastian is conducting, "Under the Sea!"
Ariel certainly enjoys it and dances along to the fun and music.
It's a myriad of aquatic activity in the largest scene on the ride.
Ursula, however, might have something to say about the joy and glee.  She is a sea witch, after all.
Here she is taking matters into her own tentacles!  Don't envy the "Poor Unfortunate Souls" in her cross hairs!
Ariel and Eric look deep into each other's eyes as he decides whether or not he will "Kiss the Girl."


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