The Old Lagoon

Sometimes, I feel compelled to post a photo, not because it depicts a spectacular scene, but because it depicts a unique one, or frames a view I don't commonly see.  Such is the image below, taken from near the old loading platform of an area now called Fantasy Gardens.  For many decades, this area was home to a tracked boat ride called the Motor Boat Cruise that was essentially the aquatic companion to the Autopia.  Relatively light on theming but lush with verdant plants and vegetation, this provided a calm and relaxing drift through the waters bordering Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.  Today, not much happens here beyond diners staking out a spot to eat and soak in the sun.  But it's a serene spot, for sure, and that feeling of calm is what attracted me to the composition below.

The lagoon of the old Motor Boat Cruise.


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