Mission to Infinity

"Star Command picked a fine time to send in new recruits," Buzz Lightyear proclaims, as guests file by the debriefing room on the way to their Astro Blasters.

That always struck me as a bit of a snide remark.  In the theme of things, if everyone was a new recruit about to go off into intergalactic war with the most feared villain known, shouldn't they be encouraged and coached, rather than struck with sardonic comments?  It's almost as though Buzz has no faith in said new recruits.  That certainly can't help morale.

Or perhaps I'm just over-thinking things.  Regardless, I still find Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters to be a fun ride with high re-rideability value.  Maybe it's because I'm just super competitive and always want to beat my previous high score.  But whatever it is, it works!

Buzz Lightyear preps the new recruits prior to their doing battle with the evil Emperor Zurg.


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