Aflame Above Paradise Park

Well, wouldn't you know it, for once, I went to Disneyland hoping and half expecting a nice sunset, and it turned out!  Longtime readers will know that I've lamented my lack of being at Disneyland during most of the spectacular sunsets we had this past winter. And with the days growing longer and less weather generally occurring, I figured I'd have to wait until the next winter to catch another sunset.  But fortunately, last Saturday, after the rains had passed through the previous night, Southern California was greeted with a sensational turn into dusk.  The puffy clouds straying over the Orange County skies gave way to a wonderful post-sunset, and I was fortunate enough to be able to capture this lovely reflected view over Paradise Bay!

This photo is a technical HDR. I took three exposures in RAW--one evenly exposed, one two stops overexposed, and one two stops under exposed.  I processed each exposure in Adobe Camera Raw, with the underexposed version focusing on mimicking the right, spectacular exposure in the clouds and sky, the overexposed version bringing out detail in Paradise Park and the shadows, and the evenly exposed photo serving as the base.  No Photomatix this time, though.  Just layering and compositing these frames did the job well enough!

A brilliant post-sunset over Paradise Park.


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