Around the Turn

When you think Cars Land and "rounding the turn," you probably conjure up an image from Radiator Springs Racers. But this is a different turn... the pathway from A Bug's Land into Cars Land, and the unique angle it offers of the main drag of Radiator Springs.

I love the perspective of glimpses, because they best show the layering of Disney theming in a park.  The space is meant to be experienced in 3D, but one of the first feelings one gets upon exploring any Disney park is the unveiling of the space... the layers that start to come together, little by little.  From here, there are hints of the neon and glow of the revitalized Radiator Springs, but they are just hints from this point of view.  Advance further, and then the grandeur becomes fully displayed.  It's a nice moment of architectural drama and surprise--a great use of space-crafting to tell a story!

Ramone's and Luigi's around the bend in Cars Land.


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