Late Night Buena Vista Street

The smalltown atmosphere of Buena Vista Street is a marked contrast to the slicker, more elegant Main Street, U.S.A. across the Esplanade, but Disney California Adventure's entry land certainly has its own charm.  Photographically, however, I find it a little more challenging to shoot, because the more subdued lighting and less prominent storefronts means the same angles that might be interesting over on Main Street aren't quite so interesting over here.  Plus, the Hyperion Bridge--rethemed from the Golden Gate Bridge of DCA's previous Sunshine Plaza entry and in place to allow the Disneyland Monorail to pass--literally interrupts the composition. 

However, every once in a while, I'll snag a perspective that does appeal to me. And in this case, the layered perpendicular elements, cranked at an angle, give this photo a direction, sense of layering, and movement that would normally not apply.  Plus, it's such a long exposure (30 seconds) that the sky appears a remarkable gem-like blue, which certainly doesn't hurt!
A slanted view up Buena Vista Street provides a bit of interest!


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