Midnight Magic

If this scene looks familiar, it's because it's a redo of a photo featured in a post I made a few months ago.  That was one of my first times playing around with a telephoto lens in a way that tried to capture a view that I'd normally take on a wide angle.  But as pleased as I was with that photo, I couldn't help but notice that the higlights were still a little blown out in some areas, particular the pink of Sleeping Beauty Castle.  Thus, a couple of weeks ago, at the end of a less busy evening, I retook the shot, taking a wider range of exposures to capture the large variation of higlights to shadows, and manually composited them together in what is technically an HDR photo, but not the surreal, dreamy type I've pieced together before.  The result might be my favorite Disneyland photo I've taken yet, and I hope you enjoy it as the subject of my 700th post on this blog!

Partners, The Hub, and The Castle.


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