Scenes from FANTASMIC!

It's been a while since I've posted photos from my very favorite Disney park show of all time, so how about another look at the Disneyland classic that's been going strong for over two decades?

Tada! Mickey is here to start the show!

Shooting pyros to demonstrate the power of Mickey's imagination.

Kaa comes out during the Jungle Book scene.

Onward to a brief jig from Pinnocchio.

My favorite part is the battle between Peter Pan and Captain Hook aboard a rebranded S.S. Columbia.

It's a pirate ship instead, and Hook always gets hung out to dry in front of Tick Tock!

Onto the princess medley.

Not the best angle of Snow White and Prince Charming, but a sort of unique one.

Inevitably, the villains crash the part.
Captained by the wickedest of them all, Maleficent!
She transforms herself into a fearsome dragon.

But Mickey always prevails, and then it's celebration time!

Mickey appears on top of Tom Sawyer Island in triumphant fashion.

Lasers and pyros celebrate his victory.

And in the end, some imagination...

...huh ha?


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