Bustling on Through Morning

This year's 24-hour event at the Disneyland Resort seemed a little more crowded than last year.  This was to be expected. After a near-calamity of a first year (crowd-wise) in 2012, many people stayed away last year, and though it was busy, by the early morning hours, many people had gone home.  This year, though, perhaps buoyed by last year's promising reports, it seemed that more people stayed later.

As a result, the empty early morning shots I enjoyed taking last year weren't really there this year.  I still made due, narrowing my aperture and opening my shutter up longer to blur out people who did wander by.  And even amidst the crowds, there were little oases of peace, like Carthay Fountain in the middle of Buena Vista Street.  Aside from sporadic guests taking pictures by one of the Rock Your Disney Side signs scattered throughout the park, this area remained relatively calm.  As a result, I was able to get a pretty clear photo of this beautiful focal point of Buena Vista Street!

A still-busy DCA at 4:20 in the morning during the Rock Your Disney Side 24-hour event.


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