Epitome of the SoCal Life

They say that Southern California is the only place where you can go skiing on the slopes to surfing at the beach within a couple of hours, and it's true!  An iconic SoCal shot (during the winter, at least) entails some snowcapped distant mountains juxtaposed by some friendly green palm trees.  Two polar opposite features of nature, together as one... only in L.A., as they say.

Well, Disneyland has this as well, and I thought it was a fun side-by-side vantagepoint to snap.  You can get this view by ascending the exterior entry ramp of Innoventions and gazing across the Matterhorn.  And during the late afternoon hour, with those warm sunbeams showering down, it's a most beautiful view indeed!

The mighty Matterhorn on a golden Southern California afternoon.


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