Slippery Crossing Ahead

I usually don't like the rain.  It's wet, and soggy, and worst of all, it gets all over my glasses, which makes seeing clearly a more challenging task.  But several weeks ago, when I was at the Disneyland Resort and it started raining, I responded with glee. Finally, I was going to have the chance to photograph the Happiest Place on Earth in the rain! And at night! With all those reflections!!

I was at Paradise Pier when the drops started coming down in earnest, and Pacific Wharf ended up being one of the first places I shot.  My first photo actually was a more straight on view from the top of the steps leading down to this bridge, but I quickly realized that a lower angle made for a more dramatic composition and emphasized those beautiful ground reflections better.  So I re-set up, and voila! This image was captured.

The rain storm from a couple of weeks ago provided slick reflections, which felt apt at the Pacific Wharf area.


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