Glistening and Glowing on a Rainy Night

One week ago, I and some friends found ourselves inside Disneyland and outside the confines of shelter, and under the constant cover of a pretty decent rainstorm.  Mind you, folks in the Midwest or East Coast would hardly call this a storm, but by Southern California standards, the rain was coming down decently well.  However, what sends most people scampering home sends photographers scampering out--especially at a place like Disneyland, where the beautiful lights and ambiance present some pretty fantastic photo opportunities when coupled with a very wet ground.  So, there I was, camera on tripod, crouched over, clicking through long exposures, hoping that rain wouldn't collect on the lens and blotch out my shot.

Well, it did on many occasions. But this was one of the better results.  You can't tell that the rain is coming down, thanks to the long exposure, but my oh my, doesn't the glistening cobblestone look pretty?

A deserted and very slippery Fantasyland at night.


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