The Turn Around Tom Sawyer Island

By now, you have probably heard about the year-long closures that will be impacting the west side of Disneyland Park as part of the infrastructure and land-moving work required for the construction of "Star Wars" land.  The Disneyland Railroad will be closed to allow for re-tracking to occur around the back corner between Critter Country and Fantasyland, while the Rivers of America will be drained and reshaped to accommodate the large footprint of the new expansion.  This also means the Mark Twain, S.S. Columbia, and Tom Sawyer Island need to be shut down, plus the suspension of the ever-popular FANTASMIC! show until next year.

All of this is a lot swallow, and while these aren't high capacity attractions, they are still beloved.  Most painful will be the loss of FANTASMIC!--still my favorite Disney show of all time, for over a year.  But I believe "Star Wars" land will be worth it, and I can't wait for everything to reopen.  In the mean time, here's a look at Tom Sawyer Island at the very end of last year, shortly before its closure.

An almost head-on view of Tom Sawyer Island.

Rounding the front edge of the island on the way toward the back of the Rivers of America.


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