The Tokyo Tower of Terror

The Tower of Terror calls itself home in four different Disney parks around the world.  Disney Hollywood Studios has the original, or "good Tower," as my friends and I like to call it.  Disney California Adventure and Walt Disney Studios in France have what are essentially clones of each other (except for the building's structural system).  And in Tokyo Disney Sea, there is "Shiriki Tower," which might be the most mystifying and visually spectacular of them all.

The Tower of Terror at Tokyo Disney Sea shares the same skeleton and guts as its Anaheim and Paris counterparts, but the exterior is completely different, taking on a sort of Gothic Revival style that better suits its American Waterfront setting (particularly the New York-ish section).  The detail here is absolutely stunning, and pictures really can't do it justice.  There's a richness that grows more and more impressive the closer you zoom in, and that's already after starting from a rather spectacular overview!

I'll be posting plenty more photos from Tokyo's Tower of Terror in the future to prove my point, but here's an overview to whet your appetite.

A beautiful day by the Hightower Hotel belies a sinister force inside.


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