The Port of the Future

Tokyo Disney Sea is themed to seven imaginary ports of call inspired by locales both real and imagined.  One of the smallest is a themed land that falls on the imagined side--Port Discovery, a futuristic seaport that envisions what the waterfront of tomorrow might be like.  If the aesthetic seems familliar, it's because it shares some inspiration from Disneyland Paris' Discoveryland, which also depicts a sort of retro futurism.  With Port Discovery, though, the scope is much less ambitious.  There are two attractions, the motion simulator Stormrider and the whimsical Aquatopia (which was closed when I was there this past November), plus a collection of shops and restaurants.  But its location on the back corner of the park, bordering the actual Tokyo Bay, provides a really great illusion that this really is an advanced seaport.  And on a beautiful day, the illusion is immaculate.

A beautiful day at Port Discovery, with the Stormrider base building on the right.


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