Inside Star Wars Launch Bay

A couple of months ago, Innoventions reopened as the rebranded Tomorrowland Expo Center.  In addition to the old Marvel additions that have happened the past few years, this complex now included Disney's latest acquisition--the exciting world of Star Wars.  The Star Wars Launch Bay is a great museum of exhibits, costumes, props, and models, plus a couple of meet-and-greets.  So lets take a look at what will surely be sticking around the Happiest Place on Earth for a while!

Outside the Launch Bay.

Looking back toward the Observatron, in its nighttime beam-y glory.

Ah yes, those famous opening lines..

Inside, there are plenty of exhibits from the universe of Star Wars.

Costumes, models, weapons, they're all here.

A behind-the-scenes featurette for guests to enjoy.

Rey's speeder from The Force Awakens.

Various fighter ships from the Star Wars films.

The models are really fantastic.

What Star Wars fan wouldn't want to have this in the living room?

The uniform of an X-Wing starfighter.

Of course, it's not only about the Rebellion/Resistance.

The Empire is well represented here too.

Also cult favorite, Boba Fett!

Various TIE Fighters.

A set of a galactic cantina is also on hand for photo ops.

The central atrium of the Tomorrowland Expo Center.

Guests can also wait in line for a meet-and-greet with Chewbacca.

...Or Darth Vader too.  I didn't wait in line.  So no pictures... but perhaps another day.

In here, Yoda is.

Awesome detail on this life size figure.

Darth Vader's outfit is also on display.

And don't forget your collectibles!

There are certainly a lot to be found.

More life size figures.

Some pretty cool artwork is on hand and for sale.

And one last photo of Vader to close out today's post!


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