Monument to a New Year

Today's post is symbolic of the direction I'd like to go for 2016--more Disney around the world.  And what better symbol for this than the truly monumental stepped pyramid in Tokyo Disney's Sea's Lost River Delta that marks the park's Indiana Jones Ride, the Temple of the Crystal Skull.

I've expressed my marvel at Tokyo Disney Sea before, but I have to repeat it: Tokyo Disney Sea is the most beautiful and spectacular theme park in the world.  No detail and no expense seems to be spared here.  From towering, life size icons to intricate detailing, the park is an unending layering of immersive thematic detail.

That sort of detail is what I'm hoping to capture as I expand my photographic library at this site.  I don't think there are that many web sites with high quality photos of Disney parks all around the world, but I want to be among them.  So expect a more international catalog this year, with more photos from parks on both neighboring continents.  And maybe that will inspire you to take your own trek to these fantastic far off Disney parks.  Believe me, they're worth it!

The giant Aztec pyramid in Lost River Delta towers over the jungle.

It's a dramatic symbol of the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull.

A closer view of the temple, which towers from any vantage point.

Over the trees or through them, it's truly an impressive structure!


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