Toy Story Land

It doesn't really affect Disney guests who stick to one park or resort, but those who have traveled around the world to various Disney properties may realize something--there seems to be a love affair with Toy Story themed lands.  Over in Walt Disney Studios in Paris, there is Toy Story Playland.  Disney Hollywood Studios will soon be getting a Toy Story area of their own (though more developed than what's at Euro Disney).  And at Hong Kong Disneyland, there is a Toy Story Land that's basically a clone of what's in France.

Here's a look at what you can find in Hong Kong's.

Entering Toy Story Land.

RC Racer is an linear synchronous motor launched halfpipe shuttle roller coaster.

Slinky Dog Spin gives younger adventurers thrills.

Everything is scaled for toys.

There is a Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop here, just like in Paris, too!

The other entrance of Toy Story Land.


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