Across the River to the Butte

Frontierland is getting a drastic impact from its neighbor to the northwest--the future home of "Star Wars" Land.  If you go now, you'll see the Rivers of America dammed up beyond a certain point, plus the trail to Fantasyland closed off.  Beyond the fences, dirt, dirt, and more dirt.  Mounds of it--a massive clearing of land for Disneyland's largest expansion in history.  And eventually, it will produce a truly jaw-dropping new themed area.  But for now, Frontierland is a bit messy. 

So here's a photo from earlier days, back before any of this was happening... or even announced.  Looking across the water, it almost seems like everything is quiet and peaceful.  Of course, Frontierland is never really like that during the daytime, but it's nice to imagine such a setting, right?

Looking across the Rivers of America toward Frontier Landing, with Big Thunder Mountain in the background.


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