The Lagoon and the Volcano

Nighttime is splendid at Tokyo Disney Sea, but also challenging.  For although beauty exists everywhere in spectacular fashion, because of Tokyo Disney's no-tripod policy, it is quite difficult to capture "perfect" representations of this perfection.  This means getting creative--finding a trashcan, a low wall, or even using the ground to stabilize the camera enough to allow for a long exposure that may last half a minute or more for a proper exposure--plus a few other shorter exposures to capture the dynamic range.

With last November being my first time ever at the resort, and being limited to only three days ("only"), I took an approach of quantity first, figuring I could sort through later.  Ideally, I wouldn't have that many wasted shots.  To expedite this, I often resorted to nighttime brackets of only two exposures instead of a more even three or five.  Fortunately, with a full frame sensor, two exposures proved to generally be good enough.  In the scene below, calm and peaceful Mermaid Lagoon and Mysterious Island provide a colorful, evocative presence.  It's just a bit of nighttime magic from the most beautiful theme park in the world!

Across the water to Mermaid Lagoon and Mysterious Island.


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