Menacing Mara

He is angry and possessive, with laser-sharp focus, and one glance into his eyes could spell certain doom.  He is Mara, the idol inside the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, and he is the nemesis that confronts riders who board the Indiana Jones Adventure in Adventureland.  Now over 20 years old, this attraction has become a classic, and when fully functional, the effects still provide dramatic narration and some amazing moments.  So do flock to the famed temple, but just beware the eye of Mara!

The massive visage of Mara creates an intimidating presence inside the Indiana Jones Adventure.


  1. Wait, I always thought Mara was a she. Maybe just because of the name. He/she/it does have a pretty deep voice though, but then those eyebrows do look pretty femme (

    I NEED ANSWERS! How am I supposed to know what bathroom he/she should be allowed in!

    P.S. I always enjoy your photos. They're the next best thing to being there.

    1. My friends and I like to joke that she's just gender confused, just like Murphy the Dragon (nickname for FANTASMIC's Maleficent). lol

      Thanks for the compliment. Appreciate that you enjoy the blog!


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