Garden of Wonders

Mystic Point may be known for its incredible Mystic Manor ride, but that's not the only attraction in this area!  Right across from Lord Henry Mystic's abode is the Garden of Wonders, a fun walk-through park with some three dimensional optical illusions that play upon perspective.  The idea is that these are archeological antiquities that Lord Mystic has collected over the years, and they appear differently depending on where guests gaze upon them.  Not sure what I mean?  Read on...

In real life, this sculpture is made of three different pieces.

But when viewed from the viewfinder, it appears to be one element!

The same goes for this piece.

Seen head-on, it's like one massive tablet.

There's also ground art that can appear strikingly convincing--from the right angle.  Any other angle, and the illusion is revealed.


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