Midnight Magic for the 60th

One of the photos I have actually framed and hanging in the living room of my house is a telephoto lens shot of the Partners Statue standing in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.  The compressed perspective makes for a great composition, with the normally modest castle looking like it dwarfs the scene.  For the 60th Anniversary, I wanted to do a similar shot, but with Sleeping Beauty Castle decked out in its Diamond Anniversary trimmings.  So here it is, a bit farther back, taken during a different time of the year, but still something I'm pleased with.  The other bit of magic--there were no strollers left in the shot, and the security guards on this particular night gave me the time to take the multiple long exposures to get this shot!  And as regular Disneyland fan photographers will tell you, that combination requires the greatest pixie dust of all!

The Hub. Partners. Sleeping Beauty Castle.  All in the glow of the Disneyland 60th Anniversary.


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