Trains on Exhibit: The Ernest S. Marsh

With the Disneyland Railroad currently down to accommodate "Star Wars" Land construction and infrastructure, the park has done a nice thing and placed steam engines on display at Main Street and New Orleans Square stations.  This allows guests to wander around and look at the trains up close and even access areas that had been previously closed to the public.  Here's a look at the Engine No. 4, parked at New Orleans Square the day I went to visit!

The Ernest S. Marsh looks super spiffy, sitting out in New Orleans Square.
A view from the opposite side.
No. 4 front and center.

A close-up.
Guests are currently allowed to venture over to the original New Orleans Square station--something that hasn't been publicly allowed since 1967!
It's pretty neat.
A handcar parked next to the train.
The telegraph office is where the Morse code recording of Walt Disney's opening day speech at Disneyland is broadcast.


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