Entering Space

Today, we take a trip around and into Tokyo Disneyland's Space Mountain.  The iconic spires are almost identical to the Space Mountain's of the other parks (with the exception of Disneyland Paris'), and the track layout is the same as those in Disneyland Anaheim and Hong Kong.  But since it's Tokyo, the overall aesthetic quality and upkeep is higher, and this means some really great, clean photographic moments!

Space Mountain anchors the end of the main entry boulevard of Tokyo Disney's Tomorrowland.

The ride has a FastPass, as all the Space Mountains do.

The moving ramp up to the higher level is reminiscent of the old People Mover for Disneyland fans.

This is the great perch from where I took that telephoto shot of both Star Jets and Tokyo Disney Sea's Tower of Terror in the same view a few months ago.

Moving indoors, we observe some colorful media.

The main chamber, where loading occurs.

The general layout and volume is the same as in Hong Kong and Disneyland...

...but I think the spacecraft that's suspended above the track looks way cooler here.

The blues, purples, and teals also make this space literally cooler--at least in hue!
But I do think it's the best looking station of the three Space Mountain clones of this style!


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