Entering Disneyland Paris

I've mentioned it in a previous post, but both times I've visited Disneyland Paris, I've entered during very cloudy and dreary conditions.  Fortunately, both times gave way to sunny and beautiful afternoons.  My most recent trip, a year and a half ago, featured dramatic clouds on in concert with gray skies, which at least made for some nice looking shots like the photo below.  Although I've yet to visit Shanghai Disneyland (hopefully to be remedied by the end of the year), I feel like other Magic Kingdoms will be hard pressed to beat the grandeur and beauty and charm of Paris' iteration.  That starts from the moment you pass under the Disneyland Paris Hotel and continues up Main Street, to The Hub and Sleeping Beauty's Castle, and throughout all the lands.  Disneyland is our land, after all, and what a marvelous one it is!

Entering Disneyland Paris on a cloudy day is still a beautiful sight.


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