Carrousel at the Center

Ever since I was a child, I've dreamed about being alone at Disneyland, taking in the magic as I wander around by my merry lonesome.  How incredible would it be to have the Happiest Place on Earth be my personal playground?  How fun it would be to go on all the rides by myself, with no wait!  Never mind that "being alone" would also mean no cast members to operate said rides... Child Me though this was a great idea.

Well, Adult Me has been fortunate enough to almost experience this during my late night excursions at the park, when I stick around, waiting for everyone else to leave, so that I can snag that pristine empty-park photo (yes, that's the secret to these nighttime photos with no people in them--I literally just wait until guests leave).  The serenity during these moments, especially in locations that are normally abuzz with activity, sound, footsteps, and emotions, is soothing and positively lovely.  And I treasure them.

The King Arthur Carrousel after hours.
(Yes, I'm well aware that though the entire above post was about "being alone" at Disneyland, there is a single other person in the photo.  But that's the thing about Disneyland security guards... they never leave...  Muahahahaha... ;) )


  1. Haha, yeah. That and hoping that the few guests still walking through will walk fast enough so that they don't show up on a long exposure. Unless their child has a light up toy in hand... Ugh


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