The Flights of Fantasy Parade

My trip to Hong Kong Disneyland last year was the least stressful visit to a completely new destination I've ever had.  The park has its own metro stop on the extremely easy to use Hong Kong MTR, and when I arrived, the park itself was pretty much deserted.  Well, not literally, but for those used to regular Disneyland crowds, the Hong Kong Disney bustle would have been a shocker, because there hardly was any!  Lines were often only 5-10 minutes, and my longest wait--the Jungle River Cruise--was 20 minutes because I waited for the English line.

Oh, and I also caught this parade by chance on my way across the park from Tomorrowland.  The Flights of Fantasy Parade is a cute one, with a energetic earworm of a soundtrack and some whimsical though not spectacular floats.  In the middle of it all, there's also a five minute parade stop where guests are invited out onto the parade route to dance with characters.  All in all, it's charming and cute, but not amazing.  All the same, I was glad to have stumbled upon it!

The parade was two floats past when I decided I wanted to snap some photos.

The princess float was quite princess-y.
Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, and Belle greeted the crowd.

It was slightly odd to hear traditional Disney tunes in a language other than English--and one that I still roughly understood!
Next came a jungle sequence.

There's the Lion King!

Is that a bust of Mara on the side of the parade float?

Dancers up next.

And then, a parade stop with kids dancing with the characters.

Stitch surfing up, with performers swinging on a Stitch sled as well.
Bringing up the rear was a Toy Story float.
Yep, that was the run in a nutshell!


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