Gadget's Tokyo Coaster II

 The New Year is typically a time for change and reflection and new beginnings, but honestly, this new year holiday hasn't really felt like anything special.  The Coronavirus pandemic is still raging (and worsening here in Southern California).  Many places remain shut down.  Travel is limited.  Events are non-existent.  And it will still take many months before the Coronavirus vaccines can be rolled out (and hopefully taken by enough people) to actually stymy the infections and allow life to return back to normal.  So really, right now, it feels like we're just turning the page to the year 2020a, and 2021 is still a ways away.  

Nothing we can do about that, though, except to remain vigilant, practice safe health practices, and try to use consideration and thoughtfulness to collectively help each other through this historical mess of a global emergency.  In the meantime, I'll be continuing to work through my cache of Disney photos to try to bring a little semblance of Disney memories and joy to anyone who's reading.  Here are some photos of Gadget's Go Coaster in Tokyo Disneyland to kick off this year.


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