The Luminous Lagoon

Something to put on my checklist for the next time I visit Tokyo Disney Sea (whenever we're even allowed to travel)... get more photos of Mermaid Lagoon.  This is the one port of call that I explore the least, because it's more family- and kid-centric, but at the right angles, it also offers some of the most fantastic scenic compositions.  With its colorful spires outlining the "skyline" (or sealine?) of King Triton's Kingdom, it's fantastical, calypso landscape, and those breezy, tropical palm trees, it offers quite a vista.  

In the meantime, I'll just work through my repository--though it's kind of dwindling for Mermaid Lagoon.  Guess that means I need to plan a Tokyo Disney trip soon (again... COVID permitting)??

A radiant nighttime view of Mermaid Lagoon at Tokyo Disney Sea.


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