Shanghai Splashes

 Although Disney has built two Magic Kingdom parks in China (Shanghai and Hong Kong), they have a lot of attributes that set them apart from each other.  While Hong Kong Disneyland originally began as somewhat of a copy of Disneyland Anaheim, Shanghai Disney was envisioned as a new type of Magic Kingdom, blending more distinctively Chinese elements and also laid out across a much grander scale.  If Hong Kong was Anaheim, then Shanghai was meant to be a future Disney World.  

But one thing they do have in common is a sort of nautical Mickey Mouse fountain outside their entrances.  On the approach to the front turnstiles, Hong Kong Disneyland features Mickey Mouse surfing the water spout of a whale.  At Shanghai Disney, Mickey has a much more stable ride on a tugboat, though his vessel is similarly elevated by a large spout of water.  It's a playful touch that sort of ties the parks together, and it's a fun display of artistic work!

The Mickey Mouse fountain outside the entrance of Shanghai Disneyland.


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