When the Crypt Doors Creak

We can all relate to this guy here these days.  With the Coronavirus still raging out of control and vaccine roll-outs still in the beginning stages and nowhere near reaching enough people to allow life to start to return to normal, many of us are tired of staying in, having limited recreational options, and feeling trapped in our homes.  And with Thursday's announcement that the Disneyland Resort was discontinuing their Annual Passholder program, it may seem like dark days will be stretching even further--especially since we have no idea when a place like Disney can reopen.  But just as the dark, foreboding mood of the Haunted Mansion eventually gives way to a more light-hearted and delightfully memorable graveyard scene, so too will this pandemic pass.  And yes, it may take some time--something that none of us are really used to in these days of instant gratification and social-media-driven immediacy--but I'm confident that if we remain patient and vigilant, the eventual reward will be even sweeter and more fulfilling than we hope.

I know, that quarantine feeling got us all feeling like...


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