A Cabin Makeover

Once upon a time on the Rivers of America, there was an old burning cabin that guests would pass by on the Mark Twain riverboat or the S.S. Columbia--the victim of a Native American attack, according to the storyline.  Over time, the fire went away--either because of political correctness reasons, the hazard of a continuously burning fire in a wooded area, or both.  And the no-longer-burning cabin gained a new title, belonging to Mike Fink, the legendary "King of the Keelboaters."  This was a nod to the old keelboats that traversed their way across the Rivers of America in Disneyland's early days.

When the River was shortened and Tom Sawyer Island truncated several years ago to make room for what would eventually become Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, ol' Mike's cabin fell victim to eminent domain, and a piece of Disneyland history was cleared out in the name of progress and a Galaxy Far Far Away.  But have no fear, for Fink's Cabin wasn't truly vanished into the lore of Yesterland.  Instead, it was relocated to a different part of the island--and given a makeover!  Rather than a rather plain log cabin, it gained a nice porch area and a little stone chimney and a warmer, more opulent (if wilderness construction could allow such a thing) feel to it.  

I guess Mike Fink did well for himself with those keelboats down the river!

The old cabin on Tom Sawyer Island, before the Rivers of America redesign a few years ago.

Mike Fink's Cabin in the present day, looking spiffied up!



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