The Midnight Falcon

The hardest part of getting that nighttime money shot of the Millennium Falcon completely devoid of anyone else is waiting to be the very last person after everyone else has left the frame, but Oga's security force hasn't kicked you off planet yet.  Because there are a lot of people who want their photo ops, and many of them have lightsabers, and not matter what the long exposures, those Jedi "laser swords" are going to mar the composition.  So you wait, and you wait.  And if you're like me, you wait until almost everyone is out, because you're a little impatient.

But once you have the shot, the editing is actually pretty easy.  Shooting in RAW, I only need two exposure for this shot, and one is mainly just for the spotlights.  Everything else is so well balanced that my camera can capture the vast majority of the dynamic range of this nighttime photo in one exposure, which is pretty awesome.  It means less post processing, and that always makes things easier!

The Millennium Falcon parked in front of the epic spires of Batuu.


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