Hong Kong Hyperspace

 Star Wars was all the rage in the Disney parks a few years ago.  Alright, so it's still all the rage, but back then there wasn't any specific "Star Wars Land" opened, so many Disney parks around the world made do with the next best thing--overlaying other attractions with Star Wars themes.  And when it came to Space Mountain, that mean adding battles with the Empire and TIE Fighters and intergalactic skirmishes aboard Hyperspace Mountain, which found its way to parks like Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, and in this case, Hong Kong Disneyland.  The change of pace was fun, the scenic sets were fantastic, and who doesn't like rocketing through space to the orchestral tunes of John Williams?  

Hong Kong Disneyland's Space Mountain in its Hyperspace Mountain overlay back in 2016.


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